Browns Karate

Browns Karate offers classes in Korean Tang Soo Do, a Korean style of Karate which is a very effective martial art.

Although Tang Soo Do training includes fighting techniques, the principal purpose of Tang Soo Do training is to enable students to learn and refine skills that will enhance their total selves. Should the occasion arise when someone must defend him/herself, Tang Soo Do training will greatly improve the students ability to do so.

Tang Soo Do training is divided into three major areas: basics, forms (kata), and fighting techniques/sparring.

  • Basics include learning how to use defensive (blocking) and offensive (punching and kicking) techniques and how to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Kata are standardized combinations of techniques grouped into a specific sequence or pattern. The study and practice of kata, which incorporate internal focus and external movement, help the student to: improve control, concentrate mental energy, and develop smoothness, coordination, and a proper rhythm. A well-practiced and executed kata displays the true art of karate.
  • Fighting techniques involve the use of sparring and the practice of offensive and defensive techniques, frequently with a partner. For beginners, this consists of a single pre-agreed upon offensive and defensive technique, one by each partner.

At the higher levels, it progresses to the free exchange of multiple techniques between partners. In addition to these three major areas of training, self defense applications of karate techniques are taught and practiced.

Master Barry Brown earned his first degree black belt in 1972 and subsequent belts culminating in his 8th degree in 2004. For over 25 years he taught at Roberts Karate in Springfield, VA, before the school closed at the end of 2005. He began his training in Pennsylvania in the Japanese Shotokan style, but upon moving to the DC area in the late 1960s, switched to the Korean Tang Soo Do style. His 40 years of practicing and teaching karate render him a very effective teacher.

More information can be found about Korean Tang Soo Do on the web.